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Formed in 2013, Happyness - consisting of core members Jonny Allan and Ash Kenazi - quickly gained a reputation as an unconventional and defiantly independent force in London’s alternative guitar scene. Self-recording debut-LP 'Weird Little Birthday' before ever playing to a live audience, the band garnered critical acclaim for their wiry, 90s indebted arrangements and haunting blissed out melodies, as well as their eclectic lyricism and ability to switch effortlessly between aching soulful poetry and wry, twisted one-liners.

The duo returned with third LP 'Floatr' in 2020, marked by drummer Kenazi’s evolution into fearless drag queen to co-front the project with singer and multi-instrumentalist Allan, and an all new 5-piece line-up comprised of Max Bloom (Yuk), Anna Vincent (Heavy Heart) and Scott Roach (Social Contract).

Stormy comeback single “Vegetable” landed in January 2020, sitting in tone between the ragged euphoria of 'Weird Little Birthday' and second long-player 'Write In', and with a fresh injection of offbeat, artfully self-aware lyrical turns (the song references Chumbawumba, drag queen Jujubee, vaping and Scientology’s E-meter auditing process in the space of less than 4 minutes), it appears the band have entered their most thrilling era.