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"After pissing around for a few years thinking about doing a new record on and off we managed to finish it and are making it available for consumption. I don’t reckon me trying to describe it here is a very useful thing to do because thats up to you, but I would say that the whole process has been pretty much agony from start to finish. Modern life doesn’t really value pursuits like making records and you have to work pretty hard to make time to do it. But in a way that makes it so much more valuable, it’s like finding time to go surfing, it looks to everyone else like a total waste of time, and essentially it is, if your idea of “usefulness’ is making money or furthering our race toward nothingness. This kind of “artistic’ pursuit is almost entirely futile in the best possible way; it’s whittling sticks into points; its throwing stones into a river; total daydreaming."

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