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Αν Όλα Τέλειωναν Εδώ (Gold Vinyl)


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Dedicated to the 20th death anniversary of Greek writer Vasilis Rafailidis, whose voice coming out of the cave depths of the now legendary Hyperdwarf (the album’s opening track) today sounds more hair-raisingly than ever, the Kore. Ydro.’s debut album reissue comes, 18 years after its initial CD release in the 2003 World Sleep Day, to complete the run of the Corfiot band’s first three albums reissues in double LP format by Inner Ear.

Uncovering the original cover’s colorized 1st century BC silver roman cup representation, adorned with Russian photographer Pavel Kiselev’s work “The first novel about love” and other original artwork’s outtakes on the inside, along with a retrospective essay from frontman P.E. Dimitriadis, this manifesto of occult pacifism and post-adolescence sexuality under the twilight, that was meant to be the subterranean precursor of Cheap Pop for the Elite, comes again, in two “bronze” discs, indicative of its commercial displacement over time, in order to remind yet renew the initial experience of the surprise for something coming out of nowhere to disturb the still waters of the Greek underground, and not just it…

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