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Boodle Boodle Boodle (White/Black Vinyl)

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Featuring Clean classics like "Anything Could Happen" and "Point That Thing Somewhere Else," Boodle Boodle Boodle arrived two months after the "Tally Ho!" single, peaking at #5 and staying in the NZ Top 20 for nearly six months. Recorded on four-track by The Clean's childhood friends Chris Knox and Doug Hood, its five hugely influential songs provided a roadmap for the "Dunedin sound" that would soon follow. Boodle Boodle Boodle was awarded the Classic Record distinction by New Zealand's Taite Music Prize in 2017. The reissue is pressed on limited-edition black & white swirl Peak Vinyl and standard black vinyl. All versions will include the 16-page zine that came with the rare original vinyl pressing.

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