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If Not Tomorrow / I Was More Of A Mess Then ...


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"Jigsaw messages from a past half remembered and lessons not learnt running with the meteor teen punks and doofus hearted, crazed and aflame and learning nothing and everything. And a song from one of the aforementioned losers, the fucked over majority. The only hope of the future dirt is that the hope the daily magicians carry on their burdened backs and breaking hearts will one day - tomorrow if possible - be rewarded.

Comet Gain is a band and an ideal and an exercise in futile dreaming, and though things change we are unafraid to remain the same ripped up dumb organism, and we are proud to have made this particular angry, heartbroken, excited, romantic scream to the stereos of those that want it."

Approx. weight 80 gr / Sealed

Tracklist LISTEN

Side A: If Not Tomorrow
Side B: I Was More Of A Mess Then...

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