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Peng! (Clear Vinyl)

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Long before they were the lauded ethereal, avant-pop heroes who inspired a generation of misunderstood, artsy shoegazers, Tim Gane, Lætitia Sadier, Joe Dilworth, and Martin Kean were simply disillusioned rockers in search of a new sound. With Peng!, Stereolab’s coarse and blemished proper studio debut, they found it. While it doesn’t display all of the signature quirks that would gain the band its cult following, the record is clearly a precursor of the storm that was just over the horizon.

Approx. weight 290 gr / Sealed / Clear vinyl

Side A
1. Super Falling Star LISTEN
2. Orgiastic
3. Peng ! 33 LISTEN
4. K-Stars
5. Perversion
6. You Little Shits

Side B
1. The Seeming And The Meaning
2. Mellotron
3. Enivrez-Vous
4. Stomach Worm
5. Surrealchemist

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