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What Chaos Is Imaginary


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With their powerful harmonies and imaginative songrwriting in full force, Girlpool are making new creative leaps with this album, ‘What Chaos Is Imaginary’. Combining elements of shoegaze, folk, and 80’s postpunk with their own melodic gifts, these two great songwriters come up with a modern classic full of great tunes and sonic surprises. Impressive growth for this already celebrated band.

1. Lucy's LISTEN
2. Stale Device
3. Where You Sink LISTEN
4. Hire LISTEN
5. Pretty LISTEN
6. Chemical Freeze
7. All Blacked Out
8. Lucky Joke
9. Minute In You Mind
10. What Chaos Is Imaginary LISTEN
11. Hoax And The Shine
12. Swamp And Bay
13. Josephs Dad
14. Roses

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