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Materia Corrupta

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The EP contains two unreleased tracks from their former LP session. Limit Constant was released on 2016 by Famelic. There are three strong electronic remixes of Univers on the B Side. The first comes from Lake Haze, a Portugese native based in The Hague, who has released music on labels like Unknown To The Unknown, Crème Organization and E-Beamz. The second comes from Amsterdam based MOM label boss Pedro Vian and the final remix is by the mysterious M.T. Formula.

Joventuts Unides is a slice of melodic, uplifting and slightly melancholic Rock. It is followed by the dramatic L’Home I L’epasa, which features powerful chords and spinning guitar lines. The Lake Haze ‘Club’ Edit of L’Home I L’epasa utilizes energetic percussion, level synths and a smooth looped vocal refrain. Pedro Vian’s version of L’Home I L’epasa sees layered synths joined by elongated vocals and a powerful percussive thrust. The M.T. Formula Defeat Mix of Joventuts Unides features spoken vocals, atmospheric keys and firing beats. All in all, Matèria Corrupta is a versatile musical package.