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Some Kind Of Trip Singles 1990-1994

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2000 only. Gatefold Sleeve, Double LP + Bonus DL tracks. Singles collection.

A comprehensive remastered collection of all of the Television Personalities' ground-breaking single releases from the evocative ' Strangely Beautiful' EP through to the dark introspective terrain of ' Far Away And Lost In Joy' . Includes the super rare 'Favourite Films' 12-inch (only previously available on 12-inch vinyl) plus the exquisite 'Goodnight Mr Spaceman' and ' You, Me And Lou Reed' EPs. Sequenced in chronological release order including every track and remix, embracing a host of pop culture threads from art, music and writing with all the ironic wit and wisdom of a master tunesmith - a veritable L-shaped room of pop desire. A further celebration of the songwriting of Dan Treacy.

Track List Side One 1. Strangely Beautiful (7" mix) 2. Reaching For The Stars 3. Not Even A Maybe 6. The Day The Dolphins Leave The Sea 7. Christ Knows I Have Tried Side Two 8. She' s Never Read My Poems (12" mix) 9 - Favourite Films 10 - The Dream Inspires 11 - Happy All The Time (Ten Years Ahead Of Its Time Version) 12. We Will Be Your Gurus (7" mix) 13. An Exhibition By Joan Miro 14. Love Is Better Than War Side Three 15. Goodnight Mr Spaceman (12" mix) 16. If I Was Your Girlfriend 17. She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis 19. You, Me And Lou Reed.

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