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Morning Thoughts (Purple Vinyl)

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Morning Thoughts by Agent Blå bathes in pain. Heart pain. World pain. And farewell pain. The new album of the pioneers of the young indie scene in Sweden is also the last release on the acclaimed domestic label Luxury.

Bittersweet, dark indie pop who remembers those days of omnipresent The Smiths or My Bloody Valentine with a shining through enthusiasm for Slowdive and Joy Division. Agent blå does not just wrap himself in that sound because it's hip - their songs live the alternative Dream Pop, Goth Rock and Post Punk of the 80's and early 90's. In the drawer Death Pop, in which the band likes to put itself, Morning Thoughts seems to fit perfectly.

Agent blå deliver the funeral ceremony for their Swedish label Luxury. And they have created an album that makes it wonderful to chase the dark season in the coming summer months.

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