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Play The Saints (73-78)


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On the 40th anniversary of the release of The Saints' groundbreaking '(I'm) Stranded' album, guitarist, songwriter and founding member Ed Kuepper took to the stage performing the material he had written for that seminal band across their first three albums '(I'm) Stranded' (1977), 'Eternally Yours' (1978), and 'Prehistoric Sounds' (1978). Joined by like-minded souls, bassist Peter Oxley (Sunnyboys), drummer Paul Larson (The Celibate Rifles) plus keyboard player Alister Spence and a guest brass section, 'The Aints! Play The Saints' captures that energy of the original band delivering on a promise made 40 years ago and not heard since. Tracks include the incendiary '(I'm) Stranded', everybody's favourite 'Know Your Product', the blistering cover of Ike & Tina Turner's 'River Deep Mountain High', the epic 'Nights In Venice' plus 'This Perfect Day', 'Messin' With The Kid' and more. Released on the Fatal label, home to The Saints' original '(I'm) Stranded 7" in September 1976.