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Bright New Darkness


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Seven years after the release of their acclaimed “Mass Vulture” LP, Bokomolech are back with a new EP titled “Bright New Darkness”, for the production of which they collaborated with renowned producer and musician Coti K. (The Man from Managra, Mohammad).

“Bright New Darkness” comprises a small set of songs that took form through the band’s recent live appearances, characterized by a common compositional and lyrical theme: How can one keep, as both an individual and a member of a collective –be it a family, a band or even society at large-, the flame of their world alive in the midst of consecutive, embedded crises threatening to bring it down.

This agony to find light in the surrounding darkness informed the record’s title, but it also emerges out of both the lyrics of the six songs (the titles of which can be read in sequence as the EP’s main narrative) and the dense electric/electronic instrumentation that, thanks to Coti K’s mastery, tightly embraces the insistent melodies without drowning them.

As the record’s artwork by Petros Voulgaris suggests, “Bright New Darkness” is a balancing act, or a dialectical composition of contrasts: within its chaotic soundscape, it retains a pop sensibility; within the old it discovers the new; amongst the ruins it senses a future still unclear; within the darkness it finds a blinding spark of light.

All doors are guarded. Two tiny bodies spark for the end. A new future, in crazy waters, still remains.

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