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Gnod R&D Volume 3

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GNOD (R+D) is an alternative version of GNOD, in case of this album consisting of co-founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam. This project is to be understood as a platform to research, develop and expand on sound environments as well as collaborators for the future workings in their main band.

The follow up to the two cassette-only releases on Tesla Tapes, 'Vol. 3', sees GNOD (R+D) evoking four long-form suites that essentially take on the form of 21st century ritual music for the west, lamenting, contemplating and trying to dissect the capitalist industrial death machine (see their last record).

A deep plunge under the surface, we are confronted with emissions of a modular synth that seems to be hidden in a deep nest of industrial flashbacks. Big blocks of sound give way to a mystic talking in tongues, leading us to an acousmatic place that defies orientation. Slowly ascending rhythms from electronic and acoustic sources that constantly interlock and free themselves make us hear voices from the distance, eventually they drown again - before setting free a maelstrom of acoustic snapshots that seem to unite past, present and future. 'Vol. 3' is a ultimately a meditation on how to bring music forward that has to exist in a time where reference and not innovation is the prevalent status quo.

Side A: R A
Side B: R B
Side D: D O