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Incirrina is an Athens based synth band founded in September 2017 by George K. (synthesizers, samples, drum machine, vocals) and Irini T. (synthesizers,vocals). Their music combines elements of new/minimal /dark wave, electronic, ambient and experimental.

They have been inspired by William Blake and they have set to music a selection of his poems.

Four of the songs included in this album (The Chimney Sweeper, The Smile, Mad Song, A Little Girl Lost) have already been selected and included in compilations and playlists such as "White Light/White Heat", "Blauerosen", "theboyinstatik", "Cold Transmission".

Their live performances have been described as:

- having a "totally amazing sound, one can hardly believe that only two musicians produce such a rich sound without the use of pre-recorded music material"

- "emotional melodies that stick in your mind, combined with heavy/strong beats that impel you  to dance"

- "A unique blend of analogue electronic instrumentation, distinct vocal quality, and band chemistry bring powerful live performances yielding alluring and immersive shadowy atmospheric settings infused with sheer emotional intensity rich in psychological struggle".

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