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Edit / Overdose! (White Vinyl)

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Created from the rotting corpse of Glam, Punk and Psychedelic rock, London's Alien Sex Fiend emerged bleeding and screaming onto the British underground music scene in 1982 to pulverise the prevailing scene's sensibilities into submission. Demonic sounds and contorted hysterics combine invitingly in the flesh and ultimately establish them as the iconic industrial Goth band. Featuring live recordings from their appearances in Glasgow, Birmingham and Liverpool during their 1986 tour with rare, promotional tracks spanning the years 1982 to 1988 on a bonus CD. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings with background liners and rare archival photos.


Side One
1. Wild Women
2. Get Into It
3. Manic Depression
4. Buggin' Me (Think I'll Take A Trip)
5. I'm Doing Time In A Maximum-Security Twilight Home

Side Two
1. Believe It Or Not
2. In & Out Of My Mind
3. Ignore The Machine
4. Hurricane Fighter Plane Bonus

CD - Overdose!
1. April Showers
2. I Walk The Line
3. R.I.P
4. Boneshake Baby
5. Wish I Woz A Dog

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