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Automat operate like a well-oiled machine: it buzzes, it whirrs, it follows an unswerving course. On its fourth album however, the trio shifts down a gear, further refines its musical approach and partners with other figures from the world of adventurous music. Besides Candy Bomber Studios neighbour Max Loderboder - with whom Jochen Arbeit, Achim Färber and Georg Zeitblom have already worked together in 2015 for an EP -, they are joined on the microphone by dub legend Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman, the undisputed queen of gutter poetry Lydia Lunch and the newcomer Mika Bajinski. They all contributed to the recordings according to the guiding principle which lends its name to Modul: the eight pieces were written collectively based on a building block system that dynamically set the compositional process in motion and evenly divided responsibility between all participants. The result is a musical perpetuum mobile - an album with the steady resting pulse of a dub production that always stays on the move.