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For their first album, Unison members Julien Camarena and Melanie Moran have conjured up a highly unique music, made of dark layered sounds that pulsate their way through waking dreams. They have hit a strange and powerful sonic vein that connects them to a secret place deep in France's electrified soul. Unrelenting beats and waves of guitar tracks by Camarena are met by the siren-like voice of Moran, irresistably calling out from this haunted whirlwind.

Side A
1. Blood Blood Blood
2. Heartcore LISTEN
3. Harmless
4. Omer
5. Lost Generation LISTEN
6. Brothers & Sisters

Side B
1. Outside LISTEN
2. Arp Quad Rollerskate
3. Darkness
4. Intimacy
5. First Degree
6. Put Your Hands In The Air