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Flares (Blue Vinyl)


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Classic album from Italian post-rock collective port-royal pressed on vinyl the first time....180gm transparent blue 2LP w/download.

Flares was the debut album from Genoa post-rock quintet port-royal. The album was initially released in 2005 by the quality-minded UK indie label Resonant Recordings.

Flares has become a watermark of the more contemporary amalgam of ambient, electronica and post-rock. And, is considered a classic of the genre.

Spintink Music stylistically name-dropped Eno and Explosions in the Sky when describing Flares. Tiny Mix Tapes commented that Flares "reveal(s) moments of unde-niable brilliance." and Exclaim! remarked, "this music is both inherently simple while being intricately complex and deserves to be placed in your stereo." "Intoxicating," "rewarding," and "masterpiece" are just some of the adjectives used to describe Flares upon its release.

To commemorate the album's 15th anniversary, port-royal have teamed up with their current partner of ten years, the Oakland based n5MD, to bring you Flares on vinyl for the first time. Remastered and remixed explicitly for vinyl from the original stems. Flares 15th-anniversary edition will be out March 27th on double 180-gram trans-parent blue vinyl.

Listen: https://port-royal.bandcamp.com/album/flares

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