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Die Tür Ist Zu

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First Release

Swans' Die Tür Ist Zu (German for The Door Is Closed) was initially released in 1996 as a prelude to the (then) final Swans album Soundtracks for the Blind. It was only available in Germany and was only released on CD. It has been long out of print. It shares some material w the much longer Soundtracks, but on this record I sing in German. It has never before appeared on vinyl. This release now is a 2xVinyl release, with one of the 4 sides being an etching I designed. I am pleased to throw it out into the hungry, chomping mouth of Record Store Day - Michael Gira / Swans

Approx. weight 440 gr / Sealed / Limited edition / Includes download code

Side A
1. Ligeti's Breath / Hilflos Kind LISTEN

Side B
1. Ich Sehe Die Alle In Einer Reihe
2. Surrogate Drones
3. YRP

Side C
1. You Know Everything (Reprise 1991)
2. M/F
3. Soundsection

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