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Words & Numbers


Taken from two 12” EPs, a split 7” and a flexi 7”, all released in 1982, the music within Word & Numbers captures striking compositions, part of, but some way removed from their contemporary post-punk bands coming out of the Dutch “Ultra” scene of the time.

Capturing the bands’ heavy percussive backdrop, raw, dub baselines contrast with questioning, mainly spoken word lyrical poetics, saxophone underplay and occasional Pablo-style melodica. The avant nature of the music is apparent and enticing, where experimentalism and artistic expression was sought over commercial success and technique and song form were less important than the process of exploring ideas.

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Side A
1. Twofourtysix
2. Untitled
3. Fivesixtyeight LISTEN
4. Threeseventyfive LISTEN

Side B
1. Onetwentyone
2. Foureightynine LISTEN
3. Sixfiftyseven
4. Untitled

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