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This Remedy

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Larry And His Flask is more than the sum of its parts. Jamin Marshall, Ian Cook, Andrew Carew, Jesse Marshall and Kirk Skatvold have formed something fresh and unique; cherry picking some of the best sounds of many genres to create a high energy punch in the gut that is also somehow sweet and harmonious. A notoriously raucous live band, Larry And His Flask have always seemed to deliver the best of both worlds, melodic and engaging records and a maelstrom of a live performance. After a short hiatus; and judging from the material that comprises 'This Remedy' theyre all the better for it. Once again breaking down the barriers and blurring the lines between genres to create a signature sound all their own while retaining every ounce of jubilation and sing-along power.

Hailing from Bend, Oregon in the eastern shadow of the Cascade mountain range; the landscape seems to flow into their music like the many rivers that crisscross their native territory. Getting their start in 2003 as a blood, sweat and beers punk ensemble, they cut their teeth all across the U.S. and Canada and along the way eventually arriving at their current amalgam; a folk/rock, bluegrass, gypsy jazz/swing monster. 2010 saw the start of a string of solid releases; beginning with a self titled EP, 2011s All That We Know, 2012s Hobos Lament and 2013s By The Lamplight. Theyve since taken them on tour all around the globe, shattering audiences from Honolulu to Holland and everywhere in between.

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Side A
1. Atonement
2. Doing Fine
3. This Remedy LISTEN
4. Ellipsis LISTEN
5. Never All The Times
6. Begin Again

Side B
1. Hoping Again
2. The Place That It Belongs
3. Dearly Departed
4. You Won't
5. Behind The Curtain
6. Three Manhattans LISTEN