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Your Moral Superiors: Singles And Rarities


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Fast, tight, and irresistibly tuneful, Atlanta’s Carbonas took America by storm in the mid-2000s with a slew of catchy singles and hit-laden albums. The group dragged into its orbit some of the best and brightest of Atlanta’s burgeoning punk scene, launching careers and developing a rabid fan following (and inspiring at least five tattoos). At the height of their popularity, they disbanded, leaving the masses clamoring for more material. As songwriters, the band were incredibly prolific, gradually developing from a lo-fi treble blast (à la Rip-Off Records) into a finely tuned Euro-punk steamroller, and drummer / producer Dave Rahn was there to record all of it. For the past decade, however, many of these tracks languished on four-track cassettes, hard drives, and outof-print singles and compilations. Finally, as they enter their twilight years and reflect on their legacy in the face of impending death, the Carbonas have decided to give these tracks to the world.

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Side A
1. Blackout (Waiting To Happen)
2. (Your Love Is) Inside Out
3. Nostalgia Buff
4. Satisfy Me
5. Stoned To Death
6. Frothing At The Mouth LISTEN
7. Sick Satisfaction LISTEN
8. Walking Out On Love
9. Don't Hide Your Hate

Side B
1. I'm A Stray
2. Don't Let On
3. Push Me
4. Butcher
5. Ripped Red Dress
6. Love And Kisses
7. Move
8. Iron Dream
9. Day Turns Into Night

Side C
1. On The Verge
2. Witching Hour
3. She's A Heater
4. Panzram
5. Uneasy Alliance
6. One Last Time
7. Detector
8. Look Around (I Was So Upset)
9. Automatic

Side D
1. Who Needs You
2. Forget Me Baby
3. She's A Headache
4. Jaguar Ride
5. I'm Empty
6. Find You Out
7. Clear My Head
8. Sad And Crazy For A Long Time
9. Lost Cause LISTEN
10. Nineteen

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