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Silver Tongues


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Crows formed in 2015 and have since built a considerable following for the intensity of their live shows which have seen the band members break bones as well as instruments. With a string of successful singles and EP’s under their belt, “Silver Tongues” has been a long time coming. Recorded in near total darkness to build a sense of atmosphere, the album fulfills both their early potential and confidently showcases a band comfortable across a variety of sonic avenues. From the monolithic noise-rock of the title track and opener, to the skyscraping “Demeanour” and “Wednesday’s Child”, to the blissed-out closer “Dysphoria”, each listen reveals new layers, and new ideas.

“Silver Tongues” is a huge step forward for the band, not only musically, but emotionally. A touring band who eat, sleep and bleed together, this album rightly took time now, both Crows and the listener can reap the rewards of their patience.

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