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Pushin' Too Hard

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Ace Records, based in the United Kingdom, released a special edition 45 in 2012 of The Seeds’ full, unedited studio take of “Pushin’ Too Hard” b/w a version of “Girl I Want You” with an alternate overdub. The record came in a thick plain white sleeve and was made available directly from Ace’s website. It was a side release in their subsidiary Big Beat’s comprehensive Seeds reissue campaign.

From afar the 2012 “Pushin’ Too Hard” [unedited version] single looks just like a GNP Crescendo white-label promo release from the 1960s; you have to look hard for the small “© 2012 GNP Crescendo Records, Inc.” on the left side of the label. The single’s catalog number is NW-502, and the A- and B-sides are each identified after that number on their respective sides.

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