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Pebbles Vol. 8

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"I Never Loved Her" by the Starfires is one of the most sought after garage rock singles and has brought $1,000 or more. This band has no relation to the band of the same name that later evolved into the Outsiders (see Pebbles, Volume 9). Question Mark & the Mysterians is one of the many Latino garage rock bands and is well known for their major hit with "96 Tears". The Human Beinz also had a Top 40 hit with "Nobody but Me". The Lollipop Shoppe was originally known as the Weeds, which is represented among the bonus tracks on the Pebbles, Volume 1 CD.


Side A
1. The Lollipop Shoppe - You Must Be A Witch
2. The Starfires - I Never Loved Her
3. The Gants - I Wonder
4. The Sound Barrier - (My) Baby's Gone
5. The JuJus - Hey Little Girl
6. The Uncalled For - Do Like Me
7. The Bruthers - Bad Way To Go
8. The Clue - Bad Times
9. Faine Jade -    It Ain't True

Side B
1. The Caravelles - Lovin' Just My Style
2. The Human Beinz - My Generation
3. ? & The Mysterians -    Make You Mine
4. The Others -    I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye
5. The Cindermen - Don't Do It Some More
6. The Rovin' Flames - How Many Times
7. The Rockin' Ramrods - She Lied
8. Movin' Morfomen - Run Girl Run
9. The Lemon Drops - I Live In The Springtime

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