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Konserva is the debut album of the Athens-based garage/post-punk rockers Μινέρβα (Minerva). Konserva (aka tin can in greek) indicates the city of Athens and includes 10 songs that are blasting our daily life, under the influence of garage/post-punk sounds, shoegaze and surf-rock tunes! Up tempo beats, punchy bass lines, extremely reverberated rhythm guitars and fuzzy riffs as well as distorted and echoed vocals are the main ingredients of this mixture!

The album was recorded and produced by Alex Bolpasis (The Steams, Whereswilder, Cyanna Mercury, The Noise Figures etc.) and mastered by Nick Townsend (Townsend Mastering, Costa Mesa California US). The artwork consists of the photographic material of Xanthe Gesouli with the layout and design of Bewild Brother.

If there are three words that can fully describe Μινέρβα, these are: Garage, Moustache & Desire.

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