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The rapidly sold out first two editions of this documentary (titled "DEAD MOON - The Book"), which was released in the USA in 2018, are now being sold at high prices - now the pure book version is available to the European public at a lower price. The English-language documentary traces the history of the band from Portland, Oregon in words and pictures. With this third edition, a revised, updated and extended edition of 20 pages is now available. The already extensive picture section has been supplemented with previously unpublished historical photos, posters and flyers as well as an interview with Hans Kesteloo especially for this issue. Discography and gig list have been revised and completed.

DEAD MOON was a lo-fi garage/rock 'n' roll trio from Portland, Oregon, active from 1987 to 2006. The band attained myth and legend status. The biography of singer Fred Cole is a rollercoaster ride beginning in the teen beat era of the sixties, consisting of countless bands and music styles, unstoppable drive and a great love. DEAD MOON cultivated their version of the DIY ethos and always avoided falling into the traps of the conventional music industry. They toured around the world, played in live clubs between Oregon, Europe and New Zealand, produced their own records and ran their own music business and label TOMBSTONE MUSIC. Their story is unique in the halls of fame of rock music - a band that never betrayed their ideals, never gave up and left behind an artistic and community heritage that is still unparalleled today.

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