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Bob Dylan's Got A Lot To Answer For / Chatham MTB

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New limited edition split 7” from CTMF and The Chatham Singers! 500 copies on black vinyl! Both tracks exclusive to this release!

“Even an idiot must admit that Bob Dylan made some great tunes – what a guy! But despite his many achievements it must also be said that Bob has got a lot to answer for. We wrote him a complementary tune – for free! A cheap shot? An easy target? No, Bob is an elusive one, only to be brought to heel with expert chords and lyrics. Here we achieve this with effortless wit, skill and good humour. God save Bob Dylan!”

“Chatham MTB refers to the motor torpedo boat that was moored on the River Medway, behind the old Empire Theatre. The MTB was once accommodation for the tiller girls. Though the theatre was knocked down in the early ’60s the MTB was still moored there when I was a kid and we used to go and view it sitting there in the ogin when visiting The Young Man’s Shop to get our school uniforms. By the mid ’80s, The Young Man’s Shop was long gone and the MTB was rotting into the mud.”

“What sadness the passing of time brings. It seamed important to me to commemorate the MTB, The Royal Navy and long-legged tiller girls with a thumping blues instrumental. Enjoy”

Billy Childish – June 2021

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