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Truly She Is None Other (White Vinyl)

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2021 repress on white vinyl of the 10 year anniversary re-issue of HOLLY GOLIGHTLY's greatest album!

Sleeve notes by none other than Jack White III.

includes 2 bonus tracks.

Often cited as perhaps her best solo album (so far, at least), "Truly She Is None Other" was recorded in 2002/3 at Toe-Rag Studios by Liam Watson and features the song "Tell Me Now So I Know" which was picked for the main title theme for Jim Jarmush's "Broken Flowers" movie. Along with the nine HOLLY GOLIGHTLY originals the album features two Ray Davies songs ("Time Will Tell" & "Tell Me Now So I Know"), along with "There's An End" (penned by her friend Craig Fox from THE GREENHORNES). There's also a fine version of Jessie Mae Robinson's "Black Night", a song most famously covered by Muddy Waters. Backed by the cream of Toe-Rag's in house musicians plus the HOLLY GOLIGHTLY band stalwarts Bruce Brand (THE MILKSHAKES | THEE HEADCOATS) & John Gibbs (KAISERS | MASONICS) this is HOLLY GOLIGHTLY at her finest.

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