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Can't Tame Me / Got Me Down

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Brand new limited 55th Anniversary edition vinyl 7"—only 500 copies pressed!

THE BENDERS' monster '66 primitive twin-spin has been held in high regard even before its appearance on The Midwest Vs. The Rest Vol. 1 way back in '83. It re-emerged on Back From The Grave Vol. 8 in '96, perhaps reaching its widest audience up to that point. Naturally, prices have gone through the roof (esp. if you can find a copy in its splendid picture sleeve)—last year, a copy with a slightly ropey sleeve sold for just under $1000! Figures in the region of $3000 are not unknown!!!

Anyways—fret not! Now, you can score this super-cool, 100% fully authorised 55th anniversary edition instead! Expertly mastered and pressed at Pallas in Germany, this is limited to 500 copies, with fantastic repros of the original sleeve and label designs, plus a 4-page insert with liner notes from singer/drummer Paul Barry!