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Paura Del Buio

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“After listening to Le Lanterne Rosse (The Red Lantern) tracks that appear on this single, I was literally FLOORED. I absolutely LOVE the production, songs, sound/depth-the vocals take me back to another time and place--the overall presentation is sort of a hybrid of the Rokes and Love---it does not matter to me that the lyrics are not in English--the vibe, feel, and the way the harmonies take off transcend the language barrier. LOVE THIS BAND. THIS IS A 5 OUT OF 5 stars recording....” Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost--Rochester New York 2021

Bio: First rehearsing together a few months prior to these recordings, the Red Lanterns (Le Lanterne Rosse) have a flexible line-up. Started as an idea of Matteo (I Fenomeni) on vocals/guitars and occasionally bass, soon joined by Francesco (with whom he played since their early teens) on everything else, and finally by Diego on drums (Head & The Hares and then playing with Matteo and Francesco with the Painted Brush). The band is joined during the studio session by Fulvio (Sciacalli, Victorians, etc.) for a cameo on lead guitar (Paura del Buio). The band members are spread across Rome and Brussels and rehears sporadically but are very committed in playing their folk-psych-Italian-beat grooves.

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