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Born in 1967 and former Wrestling Rock'n'Roll One Man Band Activist Lightning Beat-Man (1992-1999). Turned into a Primitive Rock'n'Roll Blues Preacher in the Milenium Change and released countless Recordings on several Labels. 2017 he had a hand full of songs to record this album. The idea was to record it with several musicians and not showing them the songs. They went to the Studio and Reverend Beat-Man played the songs on the guitar one time. Then they had 2 takes for recording without rehearsal to keep it fresh. Anyway the idea was Free Style and so is that whole Album. The Result was a Mix of Blues Trash, New Wave Folk and Dark No Wave Garage Punk and Rock'n'Roll. He selected the NEW WAVE from musicians he loved the most as the moment

NICOLE IZOBEL GARCIA is From Los Angeles with Mexian Roots a Singer that has the gift to connect her voice direct with your heart, she plays an unorthodox organ and plays part of Drums and percussion like the devil itself, with her, Reverend Beat-Man plays the most shows as a Duet

MARIO BATKOVIC is a Bosina Born and since Child hood living in Bern Classical and Kraut Avantgarde Accordionist he creates Film and Game music and has a one man band himself he's a total Genius (produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead)

JULIAN SARTORIUS another Bern Original, he's probably one of Europeans or Worlds most extraordinary drummer these days, he is one of the few drummer that can play his drums as an instrument nor just as a machine, he plays a lot of free jazz and improvisation (sophie hunger, colin vallon trio, manuel troller, hans koch, bruno spoerri etc)

RESLI BURRI is a legendary Bern musician who has a jam-band together with Mario and beat-man - he is a multi instrumentalist play in the Dead Brothers, Padent Ochsner, is a film and Circus music writer

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Side A
1. I Have Enough LISTEN
2. Im Not Gonna Tell You LISTEN
3. Today Is A Beautiful Day LISTEN
4. Ill Do It For You
5. The White Wolf Is Back In Town LISTEN
6. But I Love You

Side B
1. You Are On Top
2. If I Knew LISTEN
3. Then We All Gonna Die
4. Love Is Simply A Dream LISTEN
5. Looking Right Through
6. Lass Uns Liebe Machen

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