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Different Beings Being Different


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WEST THEBARTON are a seven-headed soul-rock hydra. Straight outta Adelaide, this slightly-slack true-blue rock septet are into having a real good time.

Led by charismatic leader figure, gravel-voiced frontman Reverend Ray, West Thebarton have spent the past few years honing razor sharp riffs, sticking them soundly to seriously tight melodic tones, and careering into bars, bills and best of lists. No-frills. Max-vibe. Tinnies in the air. Have a big old singalong. That kind of thing.

Whats been on their dizzying dancecard recently? Well, their charging single Moving Out (an ode to the peaks and pitfalls of sharehouse life) got a fair flogging on triple j and community radio after Rolling Stone declared it destined to be a sure-fire hit.. They captured hearts and minds at BIGSOUND 2016 and 2017, scoring themselves juicy management and records deals (the latter to be announced real soon; big deal). They found their rhythmic soulmate in new drummer Caitlin Thomas and have been busy committing their suburban homilies to tape.

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Side A
1. Moving Out LISTEN
2. Basics
3. Stuck On You LISTEN
4. Gough
5. Bible Camp LISTEN
6. Reasons

Side B
1. Anatomy
2. Ivan
3. Do You Believe
4. On The Hill
5. Set It Straight LISTEN