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Live in San Francisco

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"For folks who dig A Frames, Country Teasers, Wire, Gang of Four, pita chips and dads boozy breath. May we present The Intelligence, captured live in a truly subterranean underground show space below SF vintage clothier Vacation.

Lars Finberg: a name synonymous with artisanal hand-crafted, locally brewed, and organically-farmed song lasers. Hilarious, fast, tour-tight and ballsy The band has all these perks in pocket. And all that on borrowed gear! Ive watched this band go through many variations over the years and in their own right all of them have been marvelous. This particular version of the line up is constructed entirely of road-dogs. These guys dont fuck around (or maybe they only fuck around, who can tell anymore?) They drink, they get bawdy, they shred and when we asked Lars if the band would be into doing a small show in a basement in the Tenderloin in SF for a live LP, he asked What should we play? and I replied nothing but the hits and they did exactly that.

The Intelligence and Lars himself are masters at the penning of hits. Hit after hit after hit. And with a soft shoed tippity-tap of crowd work and banter. You can really smell the basement on this one and feel the cobwebs grazing the top of your head as you go deaf in one ear from the eye level PA pointed directly at your soul hole. If you love this band then this is a great live LP of them scorching the hits and talking trash If you dont know this band (shame on you) then this is a good place to start - John Dwyer

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Side A
1. Virgos
2. Dating Cops
3. Debt & ESP
4. We Refuse (To Pay The Dues)
5. Whip My Valet
6. Evil Is Easy
7. Thank You God For Fixing The Tape Machine

Side B
1. Estate Sales
2. Janitors
3. (They Found Me In The Back Of The) Galaxy
4. Confidence
5. Telephone Wires LISTEN
6. Males

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