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Total Assault (Colored Vinyl)


Approx. weight 1.100 kg / Sealed

Limited edition boxed set that features all three of the bands albums pressed on colored vinyl:

KICK OUT THE JAMS  (red vinyl)
BACK IN THE USA  (white vinyl)
HIGH TIME  (blue vinyl)

The albums come in sleeves that faithfully re-create the original releases, including gatefolds for Kick Out The Jams  and High Times. All three are housed in a hard slipcase with new art and previously unseen photographs by world renowned photographer Raeanne Rubenstein.

The set also includes a new essay by Creem magazine founding editor/writer Jaan Uhelszki, who writes: Turned loose on a bare stage, the MC5 were among the most awe-inspiring perpetrators of sheer bombast and rock and roll brinkmanship aliveThey tore through the stuff they heard on the radio with a fierce intensity that transcended the original artists intent. Tunes by James Brown, Chuck Berry, the Kinks and the Rolling Stones vibrated at a higher frequency when the Motor City Five tackled them.

Side A
1. Ramblin Rose LISTEN
2. Kick Out The Jams LISTEN
3. Come Together
4. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)

Side B
1. Borderline
2. Motor City Is Burning
3. I Want You Right Now
4. Starship

Side A
1. Tutti-Frutti
2. Tonight
3. Teenage Lust
4. Let Me Try
5. Looking At You LISTEN

Side B
1. High School
2. Call Me Animal
3. The American Ruse LISTEN
4. Shakin Street
5. The Human Being Lawnmower
6. Back In The U.S.A.

Side A
1. Sister Anne LISTEN
2. Baby Wont Ya
3. Miss X LISTEN
4. Gotta Keep Movin'

Side B

1. Future / Now
2. Poison
3. Over And Over
4. Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)

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