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Fudge Sandwich

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Take a tour through Ty Segall’s musical psyche with his new solo album, Fudge Sandwich, a collection of Segall’s take on eleven songs that were originally done by other people. These aren’t just cover versions. Cover versions happen at weddings and high school band battles. The songs here are what happens when someone loves a song so much, they need to get inside it and let it propagate and transform into what it would have been if they had actually written it. Equal parts reverence and reimagination, this album shows Segall inhabiting the world of a song’s intent, filtering it through the muse that drove this year’s exceptional Freedom’s Goblin. Cluttered, passionate and inspired, the songs are barely recognizable, irresistible and by album’s end, present a cohesive collection that stands proudly alongside the best of Segall’s considerable output.

Approx. weight 300 gr / Sealed / Includes download code

Side A
1. Low Rider
2. I’m A Man LISTEN
3. Isolation
4. Hit It And Quit It
5. Class War LISTEN

Side B
1. The Loner
2. Pretty Miss Titty
3. Archangels Thunderbird
4. Rotten To The Core
5. St. Stephen
6. Slowboat

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