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Like A Ship... (Without A Sail) (Splatter Vinyl)


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Chicago pastor and activist T.L. Barrett's rare gospel soul classic Like A Ship. (Without A Sail) is one of the holy grails of gospel soul. Self-released in 1971, Like A Ship was the result of Barrett channeling his passion for music, a determination to keep children off the streets, and his charismatic preaching (which attracted the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire and Donny Hathaway to his sermons at Mount Zion Baptist Church) into the production of the album, a project bolstered by the saxophonist and arranger Gene Barge of the famed Chess Records, and backed by a cast of players that included Richard Evans, Phil Upchurch and the rapturous vocals of the Youth For Christ Choir. Like A Ship... is filled with sanctified grooves and spiritual praise delivered with a righteous, infectious chorus.

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