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This EP builds on MERCIFUL NUNS previous album "Exosphere VI", and takes it one step further beyond the Alphashere. The "Exoplanet EP" comments on many of humanity’s deepest questions, not the least of which is who our “creators” may have been. And even more fundamentally, it exudes awe at the beauty and complexity of our universe. Musically it ebbs and flows just as the universe pulses and as the bell of the universe continues to chime. Thematically, it offers thoughts and ideas without preaching.

Approx. weight 120 gr / Sealed / Limited edition / Gatefold sleeve

7" - Single Earth
Side A: Gamma Ray LISTEN
Side B: A Day That Fades

CD - Exoplanet EP
1. Planet Mover
2. Argonauts LISTEN
3. Nebular
4. Violet Flame

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