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Along with Big Boys, the Dicks were a powerful example of the early Texan hardcore scene. Influence of many contemporary bands, from the Jesus Lizard to Mudhoney and beyond. Members went on to form Sister Double Happiness, the Gary Floyd Band, Imperial Teen and Black Kali Ma. Of the original Texas line-up, Buxf Parrot was last heard from on a 7" and 12" by Trouser Trout. Includes their singles, selected album tracks and live material!

It must've taken balls the size of Texas to be a cross-dressing, loud-mouthed, left wing punk rocker in that state in the late 70s/early 80s, but that's exactly what Mr. Gary Floyd was. And he put up, instead of shutting up, as the lead mouth for the Dicks. This compilation is long overdue.

Although the later incarnation of the band, with Gary the sole original member (having relocated to San Francisco), had its moments of plucky aggro, it's the original Dicks that left the imprint. "Dicks Hate The Police" is an unforgettable expression of rage. An ugly gnarl of guitar and Gary's bawl of "mommy mommy mommy" the opening salvo of defiance. The refrain "I've had a bad day" is still not far under my breath to this day and the band's gnashing style and osmosis of jazzy, funky and punk modes made for a jarring, original sound. Tension boils over for "Dead In A Motel Room," "Rich Daddy," "Anti-Klan," and the nasty "Saturday Night At The Bookstore." Jittery, slashing, and punk to the core, while smashing the barriers of conventionality at the same time. By the time Gary joined up with the newer Dicks, the politics were even more up-front and the thorniness still in evidence, albeit in a slightly less-crazed framework - still, "I Hope You Get Drafted", "Off-duty Sailor," and "Decent and Clean" exude a good amount of urgency, just not the crazed danger of the early 80s. Now, how about reissues of those early albums? (Suburban Voice)

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