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Kneel Before Religious Icons

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"With his stream of releases as Vatican Shadow, Dominick Fernow (aka Prurient) has isolated a sense of bruised technoid dystopia that's been largely missing in action in electronic music since the the early '90s releases of Aphex Twin. Since militarizing his sound on the 'Byzantine Private CIA' tape in 2010 (imminently due a 12" reissue thru Blackest Ever Black) with stark machine rhythms and cryptic FM synth camouflage, he's produced some of the most acutely evocative material in his decade-long recording history. By resorting to largely minimal, conservative means, accompanied by war-on-terror imagery and track titles seemingly sourced from a secret dossier, his bunkered sound has encapsulated the underlying fear and darkness of our epoch in a way few others have managed. One of the best releases in this phase, 'Kneel Before Religious Icons' was just begging for a vinyl pressing and Type Records have commendably responded to the call of duty. It's practically essential for the breathtaking, cinematic centrepiece 'Worshippers At The Same Mosque' alone, but factor in the bellicose, code red Techno of 'Church Of All Images' (due a Regis remix for BEB) and the unshakeable, shell-shocked sound-sphere of 'Chopper Crash Marines' Names Released', or the Terminator-esque 'Harbingers Of Things To Come' and it's no less than a must have for any serious followers of electronic music. So so good…"--Boomkat

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