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The Fallen EP


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‘The Fallen EP’ shows where Gary is good at, dark Industrial Pop/Rock. Gary previously announced a string of UK dates for November 2018 with The Skaparis Orchestra, including a date at the Royal Albert Hall, London which sold out in a few hours. His previous album 'Savage' was released recently, in 2017, where he already showed he knows the current music scene and still remains to be influential for others with a modern sound. Gary Numan is one of the founding fathers of Synth Pop, his influence extends far beyond his hit 'Cars'. His robotic sound were echoed strongly in the work of many Goth Rock and especially Industrial artists to come. Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins & Marilyn Manson covered Numan's songs and Nine Inch Nails cited Numan as an important influence.

Side A
1. It Will End Here LISTEN

Side B
1. The Promise LISTEN
2. If We Had Known LISTEN

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