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Highway Hypnosis


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Just as she takes up space in the male-dominated Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area punk scene, Sneaks aka Eva Moolchan takes up space among the patriarchy. Highway Hypnosis plays on hip-hop, post-punk, and invented words to fill a gap between the feminist underground and genre-specific singles charts. Through it, Moolchan joins the resistance forged by queer black feminists who create, explore, empower, conquer, and play bass.

Flashes of Robyn, Britney Spears, Jock Jams, Nirvana, recess hour on the blacktop, M.I.A., Lil Mama, a hacky sack circle, Aaliyah, and your first Warped Tour experience somehow all make sense inside the mind attached to ears experiencing Highway Hypnosis.

Side A
1. Highway Hypnosis
2. The Way It Goes LISTEN
3. Ecstasy
4. Suck It Like A Whistle
5. Addis
6. Saiditzoneza

Side B
1. Money Don't Grow On Trees LISTEN
2. Cinnamon
3. Holy Cow Never Saw A Girl Like Her
4. Beliefs LISTEN
5. And We're Off
6. A Lil Close
7. Hong Kong To Amsterdam LISTEN


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