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Collider (White/Black Vinyl)

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This album proves HEADS to be masters at bending noise into narrative and heavy riffing into images of vast wastelands. Collider is art rock meeting sludge in a carefully arranged interplay of grave digging and marble sculpting. A bleak redefinition of heartland rock thats situated on the verge of the savage and the sophisticated.
(Robert Westerveld / Arctic Drones)

Approx. weight 320 gr / Sealed / Limited edition / 180 gr black & white swirl vinyl / Includes download code

Tracklist LISTEN
Side A
1. At The Coast
2. Urges
3. Last Gasp Shout
4. Mannequin
5. Smile

Side B
1. Wolves At The Door
2. Samsa
3. To Call And Let It Ring
4. Collider
5. Youth

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