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Mars (Orange Vinyl)

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On Mars, Upper Wilds dramatically expand their musical scope with modern noise-pop epics about our colonization of the red planet. Loud and visceral guitar lines are anchored by addictive melodies while driving bass and drums support soaring vocal harmonies and alien sounds. The Brooklyn trio of Dan Friel (Parts & Labor), Zach Lehroff (Ex Models) and Jeff Ottenbacher build on the sonic palette of their debut Guitar Module 2017, adding new colors and textures. Using space and science fiction as tools to explore contemporary issues, Mars exploits a tension between the infinite potential of the cosmos and the gritty details of exploring it. The songs throughout are as intelligent as they are exuberant, bristling with energy and passion.

Touring as a trio following the release of Guitar Module 2017 has particularly shaped Upper Wilds’ sound. More time playing together on the road also bolstered the trio’s confidence to experiment with structure, giving parts more room to breathe. This expansive sound can be heard in the extended improvisation on the title track “Mars,” and the thundering album closer “Ex-Frontiers.”

The appropriately space age inspired cover art was created by Nolen Strals of both the band Double Dagger and award-winning design studio Post Typography. As hinted at on the album art, Mars is only the beginning. Upper Wilds intends this to function as the first in a series of releases themed around the planets.

Mars is a cathartic explosion to lose yourself in. Friel has always loved the pop song structure, distortion, and the raw hopeful energy of DIY spaces, and on Mars Upper Wilds take that and soar into an entirely new arena.

Approx. weight 260 gr / In resealable outer sleeve / Limited edition / Orange vinyl

Side A
1. Dead Mall
2. Hellcoder
3. Skylab
4. Wine Flies
5. Perfect Eyesight

Side B
1. Mars LISTEN
2. Deimos
3. Caveman
4. Ex-Frontiers

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