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Leaking Words


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For more than 30 years as a musician, Makhno has been a founding member of bands such as Tasaday, Aferhours, Six Minute War Madness, A Short Apnea and Uncode Duel. He has also performed in numerous side projects including End Of Summer, Four Gardens In One, Ear @ Now and Damo Suzuki's Network. In short, a piece of history of the Italian underground scene. After the debut album 'Silo Thinking' (2013) under the moniker Makhno and the follow-up 'The Third Season' (2015) here is 'Leaking Words'.

Approx. weight 320 gr / In resealable outer sleeve

Tracklist LISTEN
Side A
1. La Ragazza in Coma
2. Techno (Berlino In Sottofondo)
3. Slowing Down (An Aspect as a Whole)
4. You Can't Run the Church on Hail Marys

Side B
1. Sunday Clouds
2. Attese
3. Not in your Shoes
4. Can The World Be As Sad As It Seems?

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