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Party In The Chaos (Red & Black Vinyl)


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Subsound Records is very proud and excited to announce the release born from the collaboration between Jaz Coleman and instrumental industrial duo Deflore

Jaz Coleman: "Over the last 30 years i've been asked one question over and over again : What new band do you like? And the answer generally has been zero, there are not many new bands that i like, except while i was on tour, we played Rome with Killing Joke and the opening act was just stunning. They were so powerfull, such epic sounds, so cinematic. The logic seems i have to work with them (?). So To cut a long story short, they come to Prague and we've just done a fantastic EP together, is such beautiful music, i hope everybody gets a listen to this incredible italian band DEFLORE"

Deflore: For many years we have been looking for a singer that could understand our music to give us something more, then unexpectedly, Jaz found us. When you end up working with your music hero is incredible, it's like a dream come true and it’s the best award for our long music career.