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Pour En Finir Avec Le Judgement De Dieu


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It is our pleasure to present to you a concrete version of Artaud's powerful work
in the Hebrew language, on a double Vinyl.

'Pour en finir avec le jugement de Dieu ' is the last work by Artaud, recorded in several sessions in the broadcasting studios of the Radiodiffusion Française (RDF) in Paris in November 22-29,1947. The general manager of the radio immediately banned it from the air on the planned evening of the broadcast February 2,1948. Artaud passed away about a month later.

In his letter of protest to Wladimir Porché, director of the Radiodiffusion, Artaud wrote:

"I wanted a new work that catches certain organic points in life,
a work in which we feel the whole nervous system
burning like an incandescent lamp with vibrations, consonance which invite man TO GO OUT WITH his body in pursuit of this new, strange and radiant Epiphany in the sky.
Anybody, down to the coal merchant, must understand being fed up with the filth- physical, as well as physiological -, and DESIRES an in-depth
CORPORAL change."

(Paule Thévenin, Artaud, op. cit., pp. 130-132, Gallimard)

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