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Blush Music is the second studio album by Wovenhand, released in 2003 and comprised of reworked versions of tracks from a score that was recorded for the 2002 dance production Blush by Wim Vandekeybus's Belgian dance company, Ultima Vez. The score was released separately as Blush (The Original Score).

Blush Music received positive reviews upon its release.

AllMusic reviewer Jason Nickey singled out "Story and Pictures" as "the ultimate track," calling it "heartbreaking yet strangely uplifting," and "maybe the best piece of music [David Eugene] Edwards has ever recorded," praising its "almost mystical beauty." Pitchfork's Brandon Stosuy claimed the album surpasses the work of Edwards' previous band, 16 Horsepower, and called it a "transcendent call-and-response between a man and the variegated joy he's unearthed within the layers of his faith." Tiny Mix Tapes' review stated that "the album is perhaps a tad overwrought and pretentious, but it is effective in transporting the listener to the dark underbelly of early Twentieth Century rural America," and went on to call the record "brilliant." The review cited the instrumental "Snake Bite" as "the most inaccessible and haunting piece" from the album.

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