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With a healthy dose of noise and less political lyrics than label mates Stereolab and PJ Harvey, Th' Faith Healers' brilliance came from the intense energy found in their songs, made all the more explicit by these recordings.  With three albums on Too Pure (the last two released in the US on Elektra), they combined the innovative minimal groove techniques of Krautrockers Can and Neu with the blaring intensity of The Stooges.  Th' Faith Healers' biggest hit, "Reptile Smile," wraps Roxanne Stephen's powerful vocals around jagged, sliding guitar riffs and bottom-heavy bass and drums, a relentless sound that prefigured lots of the fast-tempo noise bands around today. 

Guitarist Tom Cullinan went on to form Quickspace after the group dissolved the late '90s, while drummer Joe Dilworth continued his career in photography, having shot many memorable band photos, as well as the iconic "Loveless" cover  for My Bloody Valentine. Th' Faith Healers Peel Sessions collects 16 tracks, including the last songs they wrote that were never released, and covers of ABBA's "S.O.S." and Badfinger's "Without You."  A track listing is below.

While Th' Faith Healers first Peel Sessions appeared on a Strange Fruit compilation in the mid-nineties—along with the first sessions by Stereolab and PJ Harvey—this CD collects every other recording they made for Peel's radio show.

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