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24 Hour Revenge Therapy

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 "As a general sort of rule, punk rock has a way of skirting the aging process and of making the passing of time feel somehow blurry or altered... For whatever set of factors, [24 Hour Revenge Therapy] feels uniquely and irrevocably connected to that late teen, early twentysomething mindset. It’s a phenomenon that has less to do with the razor sharp hooks and shredding guitar lines and a lot more to do with the band’s depth of feeling.

Album standout “Do You Still Hate Me”, even in the pantheon of spot-on, coming-of-age Jawbreaker songs, is almost inescapably relatable. Who hasn’t grown up feeling unsure of themselves at times, questioning each and every thought and decision? Who hasn’t commiserated over a relationship gone to hell, especially one in that grey area where things are probably over, unless, of course, maybe they’re really not? It’s a song that appeals to the best of what the band has to offer: earnest, melodic punk rock that’s totally secure in its own sense of absolute emotional insecurity." - Ryan Bray, Consequence of Sound

While a few San Francisco acts have inked major-label deals, some critics insist the music—dubbed “popcore”—is nothing but reheated leftovers from yesterday’s feast. Steve Albini, whose cat Fluss is credited with coproduction on Jawbreaker’s latest LP, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, challenges such charges. “Styles of music remain viable as long as there are worthwhile bands to pursue them,” he says. “No great breakthroughs will be made in the punk-pop format, but that can be said about every genre of music.”

Revenge Therapy is composed of short, tight arrangements driven by Pfahler’s furious drumming and Chris Bauermeister’s barreling bass. The lyrics revolve around singer-guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach’s recent hardships—a throat operation and breakups with three different girls. “I’m really into first-person confessional writing,” he says, adding that if he had a steady girlfriend, he’d be ruined. “But I hope our music is still something that anyone who’s somewhat estranged can recognize.”

Alienation never sounded so good.

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